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Yes, I know I’ve been very lazy recently, but I have good reason to do so! Last week I was on vacation - the highlight: Cirque du Soleil! That was an amazing show. The acts they perform is beyond description, but it makes me want to run away to the circus.

Besides that, I’ve been tending to my poor finger. I’m on day 9 now. If you’ve looked at the pics, you’d probably like a description:

I fell while holding a glass, which then shattered. I cut off a sizable chunk of my index finger, so I headed to the ER to get it taken care of. Apparently, their idea of taking care of finger that won’t stop bleeding is to burn it shut! Because 10+ minutes of pressure didn’t stop the bleeding, they decided to use nitrate sticks to burn the wound shut. I know now that was not the smartest thing to do as it probably killed more tissue than the glass did. And you can see from the pics, it didn’t leave a pleasant result.
So my pop sent me some horse medicine and I’ve been tending to that the past week. It’s beginning to look somewhat better, but I’ve decided to see a specialist to confirm that and make sure I don’t lose a finger.