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Eye Care

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I am utterly confused. I went to the optometrist yesterday for an eye exam and new contacts. We decided that I would try the kind of contacts that properly treat my astigmatism. Note that these contacts are weighted at the bottom to maintain the proper orientation while in the eye. My left one went in fine, but the right bugged me a little bit. I chalked it up to the weight at the bottom that I was not used to and went about my day. It bothered me a bit, but usually only when I blinked. I was hoping by the time I woke up today, my eye would have become accustomed to it, but it still felt like there was something in my eye even without the contacts. Eventually I started poking around my eye later this morning to see if there was anything obvious in there. Finally I saw what looked like a little eye lash or something. So I proceed to try to poke it out unsuccessfully and then go to take my contact out. Interestingly enough, as I take my new contact out, one half of another contact comes out with it?! I am thoroughly confused by this and need to check my old contacts to see if it broke off of there, but I don’t think so. Which leaves the question…where did it come from? Nevertheless, my new contacts feel better now…