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Apartment Hung Update

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Well, Saturday was spent hunting for apartments. Two favorites were identified. They are within a couple blocks of each other in some pretty decent neighborhoods - i.e. tons to do and walk to.

Both are three bed, two bath, which is not perfect, but acceptable. The first (my favorite) is 3000 sq. ft. In that respect, it’s huge, maybe even a little too big. There is a front and back sunroom (big windows) and very large living and dining rooms. The kitchen is a decent size and will have new appliances. Hardwood floors throughout. Huge - one can play frisbee in the hallway. The building is older, however, and the architecture inside is rather non-descript.

The second place is the 2nd and 3rd floors of a house. The interior is very nice, artistic design, but it’s quite a bit smaller than the other one. I’m not sure about the exact square footage, but I’d guess in the lower end of 2000+ sq. ft. Kitchen was very nice - probably Corian countertops (thanks, Uncle C) and very nice appliances.

So there it is - large (too large) and functional, or slightly smaller (but still large enough about) and good looking. The poll is out!