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Banned Books in School

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I stumbled over the picture below today (which you can click on for a bigger version) and it made me pause for a moment.

For approximately the past ten years, schools have continually reduced the book selection that is available in school. A certain gentlemen whom you may know always compared the US requirement to register all gun purchases to pre-WWII Nazi Germany where they, similarily, required all citizens to register their guns and then promptly took them away. If I recall, there were also spates of book burning. Now compare this to the restriction of books in American schools. Now I’m not saying that America is burning books, but just think for a second of the path that we are headed down. Gun registration, restriction of what children are given to read in school - but really, how many parents are going to introduce their children to books that the school doesn’t allow? Only those few rebels.

In contrast, I made a comment once about the the Swiss and firearms and how every Swiss male is actually required to own a gun. Whereas in America, owning a gun is hardly easy to do. Well…except for the criminals, of course.

It’s definitely not Nazi Germany, but we are slowly losing our rights and privacy. Is this a necessary cost to combat terrorism? I don’t know, but I sure hope not.

I forgot to add a couple other pics (click for bigger picture) that hit a chord:

And don’t forget to go here for the entire gallery. <disclaimer>These are meant to be humorous!</disclaimer>