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Variable Service

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Being the anal person that I am about my car these days, I’ve been getting it washed every now and then this winter. I go to a place called down the street from me. What you do is pay for the touch free wash, and there are about 4 or 5 guys waiting to dry your car when you come out. Depending on the hour of the day, the service I receive varies widely. For example:

  • The first time I go I give them a sizeable tip - it’s cold out and I got the full treatment for my car. They dry my car off, and that’s it.
  • The second time I go, I only give them half what I did the first time. The guy I give the tip to yells “Doors, doors” to the other guys. The open up my doors and dry off the inside of the door. Half the tip…twice the service?
  • Other times I’ve gone, I’ve given the same tip and not received any door drying.
  • The most recent time I went, I gave them the normal tip. For some reason, they started cleaning my tires..and my doors! For that extra service, I drop another tip and the guy says to me “Hold on, I need to get something special for your tires.” So they run inside and grab some black polish for the tires. Sweet…but still variable service. Before I leave, the guy opens my door and says “She’s just like new.” Hehe

In any case, I don’t know what the different is that causes the oddities in service. Saturday evening at 5:00pm is when my latest “like new” service was, so I’ll have to try that time again and see what happens.