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Its 4am and I Have

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It’s 4am and I have to go to sleep, but at least I have something to show for my efforts. Check out the spiffy, new DCortesi . com!

It’s currently a work in progress and as you can obviously see, I’ve got a lot of work to do on it. While it may not look very different, it will function extremely different behind the scenes. I’ve also cleaned up the code behind it so that it complies with certain standards for good reason. I’ve read lots of things lately that convinced me to go ahead and do this, most notably dive into mark’s 30 days to a more accessible weblog. I also like some of the things he’s done on that site, such as the permanent links include the title names, which makes a lot of sense.

I also wanted categories, something my current code doesn’t allow. I also want to let other people like cia use my code. That’s not easily accomplished with my old, poorly written code. I have learned a lot about php and blogs since I began DCortesi a year ago.

But I really have to go to sleep, so I’ll stop my minutia.