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Sometimes Id Rather Enjoy My

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Sometimes, I’d rather enjoy my dreams than face reality. I’ve been remembering my dreams quite a bit recently. I don’t know why (maybe it’s the extra sleep I’ve been getting…) but I don’t mind at all. I had this weird one this morning.

I was cruising along in (what I thought was) my car, with the top down…in the middle of January. (Note: my car is not a convertible…) I was at a light when somebody else in a convertible passed me, then turned around and pulled up next to me. The woman in the passenger seat leaned over and said “enjoying the last nice of January, huh?”. She must have been refering to my top being down, which confused me since I didn’t realize the top that I don’t have was down. We then drove on, and all of a sudden I was on rollerblades and there was this line of about 15 Santa’s on the sidewalk. I passed them by and then reached my destination - Bubblitze…or something like that. A store that somebody had told me about.
It was around there that the dream ended. Not as cool as my middle earth one, but a dream nonetheless.