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I Went to Ceasars Palace

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I went to Ceasar’s Palace in Vegas for dinner one night - this place is amazing. It’s an entire city within Vegas. I had dinner at this place where we were sitting “outside”. Outside was really somewhere deep inside Ceasar’s where the ceiling has clouds painted on it and fades from daytime to night and back again. A very cool effect.
I then did a little gambling, of course. Following my Sister’s philosophy, I took just $5 and tried to see what I could make of it. $100+ dollars later, I cashed out. ;-)

We then proceeded to walk down the strip. Being the lazy bum that I am, I stopped to rest in front of the Bellagio from “Ocean’s Eleven” fame. All of a sudden, a mist started to cover the psuedo-pond in front of the Bellagio. Then, with no warning at all, the outdoor music changed and a fantastic water fountain show began. I would go back to Vegas again just to see that water fountain show. It was so beautiful.

After a quick stop for ice cream, we called the hotel shuttle. While we were waiting, some weird guy started freaking out and slapping himself and then ripped his shirt off and started shaking it out. The guy was freaked out!