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So, here’s the scoop. On the first leg of my way home tonight, I had seat 1C. Not too unusual as the little puddle-jumpers we sometimes fly on don’t have many seats. Well…come to find out, this was not some little puddlejumper. This was a decent sized plane with one ‘o them “First Class” sections. And guess where I was?? eyep - First Class. Not too bad at all. You get a drink as soon as you get on, they offer you a choice of snacks instead of crudely tossing you a tiny pouch of peanuts. And…alcoholic drinks are free! Needless to say, I was rather toasted when I flew into Atlanta - ok, not really…but I thought it would add to the story. ;-) Fortunately, I also had First Class tickets from Atlanta to Chicago. Ahhh…luxury. Then, to top it all off, I had a stretch limo back to the office. Not bad for a day’s work. ;-) Must hit the sack for now - adios.