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So Ive Been Having A

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So I’ve been having a blast since I got home last night. Here’s the deal:
I got home and proceeded to fire up my computers. One of my servers didn’t start giving an error that indicated the primary hard drive hadn’t fired up. Well, three hours later I still couldn’t get it to fire up so I collapsted on my bed in my clothes and passed out.
I got up the next morning (today) and it still wasn’t working of course. So I go to fire up my laptop and login to it when it just hangs. This happens occasionally so I shut it down and fire it back up. It doesn’t start up. Two down! This was after I had to buy a new hard drive to replace the one on my server. So I have spent the entire day trying to recover data on my laptop. Needless to say, it hasn’t been fun. There’s the update - I must continue recovering files and pack for my move tomorrow at the same time. sigh