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So Anywayi Just Got Back

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So anyway…I just got back from Indianapolis this evening. It was a pretty good trip, but the highlight was Wednesday eve when we headed downtown to eat at St. Elmo’s, an excellent steak house in Indy. If you ever have the chance to go to Indy, make sure you go to St. Elmo’s and get the Shrimp Cocktail. This stuff is so loaded with horseradish, I don’t think I have any nose hairs left! I would recommend making reservations, however. The steak is phenomenal as well and they have a fairly extensive wine cellar.
Then we provided to drive around downtown Indy and do some war driving. We located approximately eighty wireless LANs in and around the downtown area. Pretty cool.

Must hit the sack for now…

Welcome back! and I hope that the downtime will not be a recurring theme…