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How Depressing I Fell Asleep

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How depressing. I fell asleep last night by mistake with all my clothes on and woke up a short while later…at 5 AM. This means I had no such joy of crawling under the covers. It just felt like an extended nap, but here I am having to face a whole new day again. Blah.

The more interesting thing was the dream I was having as I was waking up. All I remember is:…<dreamlike trance> Sitting back at my parents home in a snowstorm. The power goes out…comes back on. Then I hear my dAD yell: “The cops are here, the cops are here”. I look outside and see a man and a woman, one of them holding a camera, opening the doors to an eighteen-wheeler.</dreamlike trance>. And that, unfortunately, is where I woke up.