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Wow This Is Severly Annoying

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Wow, this is severly annoying. Around 12 or 1 PM CST, my cable company was doing an upgrade. Apparently, a “software glitch” occured during the upgrade which resulted inan internet blackout for approximately 6 hours. However, service was eventually restored around 7:30 and everybody was happy and the cable guys probably went home.

However, once again tonight, the internet died. Nobody’s home at the cable company so it won’t be until morning when they realize their software glitch has popped up again. And who knows how long it will take to get reconnected after that…

In other news, my desk arrived today, some assembly required. For some reason, the instructions said not to use a power drill. Doesn’t matter since I don’t have one anyway, but I probably would have bought one. My right hand is so extremely raw.

I’ve gotta hit the sack though, need to get up early and get an emissions sticker and look for some renters insurance.