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Ok Well at the Very

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OK - Well, at the very least I can access the site from my internal lan now. Man, this is severly annoying.

Anyway, here are the details of my network config:
I’ve got a Digital Celebris P90 running ClarkConnect (CC). CC is a linux distro based on redhat 7.2 (I’d prefer Debian, but I’ll settle ;-)) which installs quite nicely as a router/gateway system. So I’ve got the P90 jacked into the cable modem and serving as a router for my internal net. CC is really nice in that it came configured very well (i.e. securely) out of the box, but it does have a rather decent web interface for statistics and setting up port forwarding and firewall rules.
Furthermore, CC provides a callerid package such that if I have a modem in the box, it will pop up caller name/number on my windows box via a gateway monitor app. Pretty neat, I’d say.

In any case, that’s the basics of my setup right now. Hopefully, my ip won’t change anytime soon again and people will once again be able to access the site.
I need to go to sleep for now!