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Well That Was Rather Annoying

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Well that was rather annoying! I was lying in bed kind of dozing off with my light still on listening to the hum of my servers. All of a sudden, everything went dark and quiet. I peer outside, and all the lights in the parking lot were off as well. 10-15 seconds later, everything came back on and I hopped out of bed in a flash. I threw open the closet door and powered on each server one by one. I ran to my laptop, the one machine stil powered on, and pinged the ip’s that I knew should be on. Now Dually, now Dipshell, now Dip and Duality. The icmp requests arose such a clatter, when what should I see before my wonderous eyes, but icmp replies in 0.3ms time.

Alright…that was a spur of the moment thing, and I think it has gone far enough. Regardless…having the power just kind of disappear like that is rather annoying and makes me think I should invest in some UPS solution. ;-)